Information, Communication, Technology

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Class X:

Basic Computer Concepts

Storage Units, storage devices and system development steps

Data Security 

Word Processing Exercises


LibreOffice 4.2.8 for WIndows 32

Types of malwares

Network attacks

Types of hackers

Security Concepts

HTML Basics

HTML Images

HTML Lists

HTML Tables and Hyperlinks

Effects tags and iframe

Revision Exercises

Menu CSS for the Project


Class XI:



Structure of a program on C++

C++ compiler instruction installation


Constants, Operators and Input Command

Conditional Structures

Advance IT

Basic Java concepts

Random Arrays Exercise

Inheritance on Java


Public, Private and Protected

Types of inheritance


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   Informatics (I.T) means Information,Communication and Technology. It is the knowledge that everyone should know about computers and how to use them.

     In the IT course students learn how a computer works and how they can make it work the way they want. 

     This course is different from the I.T courses of other schools because instead of using the Windows Operating System that is used from all other city schools, it uses the new system of Ubuntu 15.04, in which you are not obliged to use any "My Computer" or "My Documents" to put your files but all world can be attached in your computer. 

     Using this system students are able to use other types of programs different from what they are used to.Instead of Microsoft Office this system uses Open Office version which has free updates every day. 

      In our I.T Lab students can also find Dual Core Computers 512Mb to 1Gb RAM each, creating in this way a Modern Organization.The network uses a Fedora 9 Server Technology with high level security standards using a personal user name and password for each student to give them the possibility to have private home spaces. 

      As nowadays almost all the information needed by students is found on the Internet, we have included in our program learning to the students the way they can use the Internet for school purposes. The connection provides a Fast Internet (400 Kb/s downloads) and includes a Wireless connection (secured) and also Personal Browsing. 

     Actually all these differences are not to make the students work harder. These changes will give them the possibility to get to know more the world of the technology, to learn new techniques and while working they can really appreciate that in their future they can really adapt to the new changes. 

      The I.T program includes all the Albanian Informatics Syllabus but also in addition to this it contains graphics, design, DTP, websites and Programming Language Basics which are really helpful to the students. They can work on different computers on these programs during two hours per week which are followed by individual attention of the professor. 

      Furthermore all the knowledge students take during the lessons can very easily be put in practice by creating their own projects such as data collection, statistics and research, poster and publication creation distribution, live voice and video recordings, local and international projects. 

     Students have also the great chance to publish their best projects in the school website in which they log in with their personal user name and password so they can really contribute something meaningful and helpful to the others. This really concludes even to the main aim of I.T. 

      Preca College Informatics program, the latest ECDL technology course is preparing you with all the required I.T skills to excel in local and foreign universities. 


Ubuntu Linux System 


     Ubuntu Linux System has been difficult to be used in the past and it was based in the terminal while nowadays there are a lot of Ubuntu distributors who publish that Linux is the best and the easiest system to be used. The future expects Linux to be a very successful system representing a very big threat to the other computer systems.

     There have been a lot of developers who have worked hard on creating this system which is so efficient in using. All the users need only a click to download and install programs or other necessary software. A very great advantage of this system is that easily with an emulator the user can simulate MS Windows on Linux to run a Windows program. 

      Linux can also be installed and uninstalled in your house's computers very easily. Although it is a better way if you use it first at school, orientate yourself with this system and then decide to use it in your house also. It is advisable to be installed only if there is a fast Internet connection. 

     As all computer systems even Ubuntu Linux has its own disadvantages and advantages.


     1. You can get this system for free. Although this might interest to us, it shows a negative point. It shows that there is a lack of investments from the companies. But the latest years things have started to change. 

      2. If you are a beginner then it will be difficult to use because it has a lot of options which can cause confusion and although it has a powerful terminal which involves total control on everything, it can be hard to grasp. Things can get messed up very easily. 


       1. It takes a short time to be ready for you to use the most important software. Only in 20 minutes of installation and the computer is ready to use for all the general purpose tasks. 

      2. With only a click you can update all the system and all the installed programs. All the new virus-free and pretested programs can also be downloaded in this manner. This system includes an enormous library of free software which can help a very big community. 

      3. In Linux most of the programs are Open Source which means that they can be modified easily by programmers and you can have the latest versions of them.

      4. It is very powerful and you have legally long term support and updates agreement. It is fast and secure. Most viruses are Zero-Day viruses. 

     Ubuntu is widespread in all over the world showing that it is a very efficient system which promises a lot. There are a lot of institutions and offices using this system for their researches and academic purposes: 

1. There are 9000 computer in swiss schools which use Ubuntu;

2. It is used for Oxford Archeology; 

3. The University of Oakland replaced its first system UNIX with Ubuntu; 

4. It provides a secure and easily accessible system for German pilots;

5. The French state police has 85,000 computers using Ubuntu 

6. Emphony Technologies create software for the Engineering and Construction Industries using Ubuntu Servers.