The most meaningful CAS experience comes from spending time with others to built relationships and develop the self-worth of both serer and served. In the design and construction of their CAS schedules, coordinators are strongly encouraged to emphasize these aspects as much as possible. Appropriate activities might include:
• Physical assistance to the elderly. 
• A regular visiting programme to a home of orphans.
• Helping to a rehabilitation at a local hospital.
• Teaching basic literacy. 
• Establishing and coaching a sport team for disadvantages youngsters.
• Establishing and leading a musical ensemble for visually impaired people.
• Involvement in a theatrical production to which refugee children are invited.
• Teaching the use of computer.
• Environmental restoration and protection.
When well carried out, CAS should built self-esteem, self-confidence, autonomy and self-reliance. It is important that the spirit of CAS be considered at all times.

The aims of the CAS programme are to enable students to develop:
• An appreciation of the potential of the human mind and spirit.
• Knowledge, skills and understanding.
• An awareness of humanitarian issues across the world.
• A recognition that education imposes lifelong ethical responsibilities.
• A willingness to enquire an enjoyment of discovery.
• Confidence in their ability to bring about change, both individually and collaboratively.
• Autonomy and self-reliance.
• An appreciation of their own and others’ talent.





Learning a New language.

Choir / singing.

Drama .

Knitting , crochet , carpet weaving, cards , paintings etc. to be sold in order to collect funds for the school library.

Learning how to play a guitar.

Painting .



School magazine .

Soft-toy making to be given to children with special needs.

Special activities in school : Christmas, Marty's Day, Teacher's Day, Dancing.

Sports activities in school.


Learning to play new games : chess, draughts, etc.

organizing social evenings for parents and students.

Sports clubs in school : Volleyball, Basketball, Table tennis , Football Sports Day.

Sports training to take part in competitions between schools Cycling, Cross Country, Going to the Gym.


A forestation .

Coaching a group of children in particular sports discipline .

English teacher's assistant in public schools .

Helpers in the house for handicapped people.

Helping in the kindergarten schools.

Public library helper.

School library helper.

Teaching English to individual children.

Teaching sports in 8 year schools.

Visiting old people in their homes.


  1. Sharing energies and talents.

  2. Encouragement of a sense of responsibility to all.

  3. Counterbalance to academic self-absorption.

  4. Education of the whole person.

  5. Education beyond the classroom and examination hall.

  6. Development of attitudes and values which transcend race,religion,gender and politics.

  7. Promotion of international understanding.

  8. Encouragement of new skills and interests.

  9. Development of awareness, concern for and ability to work with others.

  10. Promotion of more informed and understanding attitudes.

  11. Service to the community as a complement to intellectual development in the academic curriculum.

  12. Establishment of links with local,national and international communities.

  13. Challenge to the student.

  14. Development of a spirit of discovery and self-confidence.