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Digital Safety

10+1 Adolescents' Guidelines

  • 1. Think before you post comments, photos, videos.

    You can never remove/delete anything once it is posted online.

    Someone could have saved it on his/her own computer!

    It could be used in the future, when you get a good job, reputation or even marry!

    Tip: Ask yourself, what if someone sees it when you get a good job, or marry?

  • 2. Lock your profile with the privacy tools.

    You can never know who visited your open profile and why.

    Keep your profile private so that only your trusted friends can access it.

    Tip: Do not accept Friend requests from unknown people.

  • 3. Avoid lengthy chats with friends you know only online.

    Report any inappropriate behaviour and block the offending contact.

    Tip: Remember that you never know who is on the other side.

  • 4. Meet new Internet friends offline, ONLY in the company of other people.

    Before the meeting tell your parents and take at least 2 or 3 other friends.

    Meet always in a place where there are many people around.

    Tip: Try to avoid such meetings since you never know what may happen.

  • 5. Pornography is a dangerous teacher of sexuality. Avoid it.

    Pornography does not have any notion of love, romance or intimacy.

    Pornography is completely self-centered & egoistic.

    Most pornography is extreme and harmful for our health.

    Pornography is there to sell and not for education. Most of it is abuse.

    Studies show that pornography effects negatively our minds and relationships.

    Studies found that pornography dimishes sexual satisfaction in marriages.

    Tip: Avoid using the Internet without any purpose.

  • 6. Protect yourself and your computer.

    Use Safety Searches and Filters in Search Engines.

    Install an Antivirus and a Firewall program.

    Tip: Report inappropriate stuff using the tools provided on the website.

  • 7. Be selective before giving your mobile phone number.

    Never write your mobile phone number on the Internet.

    Ask your friends not to give your own number to others without permission.

    Switch off geolocation on your mobile phone.

    Tip: Ask for permission from your parents before giving your number.

  • 8. Report any offending messages to trusted adults.

    Do not reply to threatening messages.

    Do not forward messages with sexual content.

    Tip: Once you share stuff, you always lose control of who may see it.

  • 9. Be selective in the games you play.

    Games change our ways of thinking. Avoid too violent or sexual games.

    Never use credit cards without permission. Avoid paying money to play online games.

    Tip: Good games are addictive. Do not waste too much time on them.

  • 10. Keep a time-table.

    Write down a time table about Internet use and stick to it.

    Do not waste too much time online. Engage in other activities. ex: Sports.

    Tip: Avoid using your free time on the Internet for more than 2hrs a day.

  • +1. Talk regulary with a trusted adult, be clear and sincere.

    Problems do not vanish on their own. Rather, they need to be solved.

    Talking with your parents or a trusted adult will immediately help.

    Tip: Problems normally get bigger and more complicated if not talked about.


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