Preca College provides computing and network facilities to be used by college staff and students as a service for the purpose of teaching and research provided that it has no offensive or abusive character. This policy provides guidelines for the appropriate use of computing and network resources provided by the college. The college will take disciplinary measures against any user who has been proven to have abused or blatantly disregarded this policy.


1. Access Purposes
1.1. The college provides computing and network resources only for purposes directly in relation with academic and research activities.
1.2. Users are not permitted to use computing and network resources for commercial, illegal or unlawful activities. Gaming, chatting and heavy downloads are prohibited.


2. Access Authorization
2.1. A user account must be used by its owner only. Users are forbidden to use other accounts than their own.
2.2. Users are forbidden to communicate their password or otherwise give access to their account to third parties.
2.3. Users must make sure that they log out when they leave.


3. Integrity of computing resources

Users must not:
3.1. eat or drink in any part of the labs, including break times.
3.2. use their mobile phones in the lab without explicit permission.
3.3. attempt to modify or remove computing/network equipment, software or peripherals.
3.4. attempt to circumvent or subvert any system's security measures.
3.5. attempt to modify system facilities, operating systems, or disk partitions.
3.6. attempt to crash or tie up computing and networking resources.
3.7. damage or vandalize computing and network facilities, equipment, software or computer data.
3.8. connect to the network or computers any personally owned systems or equipment without explicit permission.
3.9. develop, use or disseminate malicious programs, computer viruses and worms.
3.10. access private data or restricted portions of the computing or networking system.
3.11. engage in any commercial or business activity.
3.12. engage in any type of gaming activities.
3.13. engage in any Chat or Instant Messaging activities.
3.14. engage in any heavy Internet download activity without explicit permission.
3.15. engage in viewing/downloading/saving any controversial content (eg. violence, hate, pornography)


4. Academic Learning Environment

Computing facilities are provided for academic purposes. The following guidelines attempt to maintain an appropriate learning environment for students:
4.1. Users must be mindful of other people. Users of the lab should maintain a quiet study atmosphere.
4.2. Users must back up their work on their own disks. Lab computers may be moved or data on them erased at any time. The lab is not responsible for lost data.
4.3. Users should expect that their browsing history will be recorded and might be examined.
4.4. Users should expect that their homes (storage space) might be examined at any time by professors.
4.5. Students are expected to act in a professional manner in the computer labs.
4.6. During break times preference will be given to students doing school-related work.


5. Keep the lab neat 

5.1. The monitor and keyboard should be centered with respect to the chair. The mouse should be near the front edge of the desk. The monitor should be turned on. The chair should be pushed in, and there should be no papers or debris on the desk.


6. Web Server usage
6.1. Publishing personal and community homepage is allowed only on designated servers.
6.2. Personal homepage must not be used to disseminate offensive, obscene, indecent, aggressive,menacing, defamatory, harassing, intimidating, unlawful, racist, or other unethical information.
6.3. Users are forbidden to publish content detrimental to the good name of the college on their personal and community homepage.


7. Broken/Damaged Equipment
7.1. Do not try to repair equipment yourself. If you encounter problems with equipment, you should
report this to the lab professor.


8. Disciplinary Action 

Depending on the gravity of the infringement of this policy, the following sanctions may apply:
8.1. A Report on the report book.
8.2. Immediate ejection from the computer lab.
8.3. Temporary or permanent suspension of computer privileges.
8.4. Monetary reimbursement for incurred damages (both software & hardware).
8.5. Forwarding of the case to the administration discipline board for further action, including expulsion from the college.
8.6. Abuses related to ethics (offensive, obscene, indecent, aggressive, menacing, harassing, defamatory,intimidating, unlawful, racist and other unethical messages or information), as well as the use of college's resources for purposes not in relation with academic and research activities and dissemination of information which may damage the good name of the college, are directly referred to the administration for appropriate disciplinary action.


9. Rules & Updates
9.1. These rules may be updated from time to time. Updates will be posted in the computer lab. Users are responsible for being familiar with all rules, including new rules.