Internet Safety
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Digital Safety

10+1 Childrens' Guidelines

  • 1. Tell your parents before posting information, photos, videos..

    It is not safe to write your home address or school's name.

    It is not safe fill in information on a website without your parents guidance.

    Ask your parents for permission before posting photos or videos.

    Tip: Never write about personal and secret things on the Internet.


  • 2. Keep your profile private.

    Allow only your close friends to view your profile.

    Do not accept new unknown Friends.

    Tip: Do not write too much about yourself.

  • 3. Chat only with friends you know offline.

    Never chat with new online friends.

    Report any inappropriate comments, block the contact and tell your parents.

    Tip: You never know who is the real person on the other side.

  • 4. Meeting new friends in reality is very risky.

    Talk alot with your parents if you want to meet a friend of your age.

    Never go for meetings alone. Ask your parents to come with you.

    Tip: NEVER go to such meetings without permission. It is dangerous.

  • 5. Protect yourself and your computer.

    Ask your parents to enable Safety Searches and Filters.

    Ask your parents to install a Content Filter, an Antivirus and a Firewall program.

    Tip: Report problems to your parents.

  • 6. Play computer games with your parents.

    Games change our ways of thinking. Avoid violent or inappropriate games.

    Never use real money to play online games.

    Tip: Challenge your parents in a multiplayer game to see who is the best!

  • 7. Never give your mobile phone number without permission.

    Never write your mobile phone number on the Internet.

    Ask your friends not to give your own number to others without permission.

    Tip: ALWAYS ask for permission before giving your phone number.

  • 8. Pornography is a dangerous teacher of sexuality. Report it to your parents.

    Pornography is harmful for our health, minds and relationships.

    Pornography normally shows people who are being abused.

    It does not have any notion of love, romance or intimacy.

    Tip: Ask your parents to get to know the real truth about sexuality.

  • 9. Report any offending messages, pictures, videos to your parents.

    Do not reply to threatening messages.

    Do not forward messages with sexual content.

    Behave smartly. Do not do online things, which you would not do offline.

    Tip: Always tell your parents if you receive inappropriate material.

  • 10. Keep a time-table. Do not waste time on the Internet.

    Tell your parents to create a time table about Internet use.

    Avoid using Internet from your mobile phone.

    1hr of daily Internet use is enough.

    Tip: Play outdoor games with friends and be involved in Sports.

  • +1. Talk regulary with your parents, ask alot of questions and be sincere.

    Problems do not vanish on their own. They need to be solved.

    Talking with your parents will immediately help.

    Tip: Problems get bigger if not shared with your parents.

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