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Digital Safety

Basic Parents' Guidelines

Parent-Child Safety Contract

  • 1. Setup a Time-table for Internet, computer & smartphone use.

    Help them organise and use their time effectively.

    Include computer use, smartphone access and Internet Cafes.

    More than 2.5 hours a day during the week is excessive.

    Tip: Provide alternative non-technological activities, outings and sports.

  • 2. Setup Rules about online postings, photos, webcam use & meetings.

    Do not allow children to write their phone number online.

    Do not allow children to post their home address or school name.

    Do not allow children to write about personal or private things online.

    Let children ask for permission before posting their own photos and videos.

    Permission should be asked for before going to face to face meetings.

    Allow webcam & microphone use only when you are around and with known friends.

    Switch off geolocation on smartphones.

    Tip: Discuss and adapt rules according to the maturity of the child.

  • 3. Participate in your children's online activities.

    The more you are involved in their world the better you can protect them.

    Be interested and ask them to teach you how to go about doing things.

    Play games against your children and 'Friend' them on Facebook too.

    Tip: Do not post public comments on your children's profiles.

  • 4. Be aware of websites visited, mobile phone use and type of games played.

    By checking out what they do online, you will be in a better position to help them.

    Check installed computer games, sites visited and mobile phone messages.

    Tip: Show trust in your children but keep always an open eye on them.

  • 5. Keep an open line of communication with your children.

    The more you talk, the better. Solve conflicts.

    Talk about their online activity, games played, photos taken, friends made etc...

    Talk about sex education and your family values when appropriate.

    Tip: Do not let the media influence your children more than yourself.

Parents-Child Internet Safety Contract

Download the sample parent-child contract
(Print Directly or MS Word DOC or OpenOffice ODT or PDF document)
We suggest that you adapt the following contract according to the maturity of your child.



This contract allows our family to use the Internet

in an appropriate safe way, and help us avoid

the risks and harms of being connected to the Internet.


PARENTS: We agree to ...

CHILD: I agree to ...

  • enable our Child to access the Internet.

  • safeguard our Child from online risks and harm.

  • create an Internet use time-table for our Child to help him/her to manage their time.


  • install protective software and apply suitable content filters and searches.

  • check on our Child's online activity, both from the computer & their mobilephone.


  • participate in our Child's online activities and games.

  • not to publicly comment on our Child's social network profile.


  • keep an open communication with the Child and resolve conflicts if they arise.

  • listen to our Child's difficulties and take the appropriate action

  • ask for help from other parents or organisations if difficulties arise.


  • keep to the time-table of Internet use. (including Smartphone and Internet Cafe).

  • ask for the Parents' permission before going to an Internet Cafe.

  • avoid wasting time using the Internet, Games or the Smartphone.


  • accept my parents as 'Friends' on Facebook

  • keep my account private and accessible only to my real friends.

  • ask for my permission before posting Photos or Videos online.

  • ask for permission before using the webcam on the Internet.

  • allow complete access to my Parents to all content published on my Profile.


  • keep my passwords secret at all times. (except with my Parents)

  • keep my phone number secret unless given permission by my Parents.

  • ask for permission before giving my details/registering on new websites.


  • be smart and avoid inappropriate/harmful websites.

  • avoid playing too violent or inappropriate computer games.


  • ask for permission before going to meetings with new people.

  • ask for permission before trying to buy something from the Internet.

  • hide and never reveal my location on Facebook (Switch off geolocation on the Smartphone).

  • report to Parents any offending messages received on the Internet or smartphone.


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