Internet Safety
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Internet Safety

Internet Use amongst children

Korce, Albania (October 2011)

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given to the general public on 27th October 2011 at Preca College

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Our context

Just a few years ago, going online in Albania was quite hard. But in the last 3 years things have changed a lot. During 2010 and 2011 we conducted a survey about Internet use amongst children in the area of Korca. The resulting report does not only point out the tendencies of our students, but also attempts to give a more complete picture by contrasting the results with those of the EUKidsOnline survey.

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Some Quick Facts

In general, more than 50% of the students own a computer at home and 77% of these also have an Internet connection. Interestingly, more than half of the children who own a computer with an Internet connection at home still make frequent use of Internet Cafes. Gender difference in Korce is also a cause of concern, since it was found that while 94% of all boys use the Internet regularly, only 75% of girls do so.

While the EUkidsonline survey showed that 22% of European children access Internet from a mobile phone, in Korca it was found that a staggering 54% use Internet through their smart-phone. 75% of Internet users, aged 11-12 have a Facebook account, compared to the 38% found by EUKidsOnline. Comparing social network use by our students, at 90% and those of the EU, at 60%, is also startling.

Asked whether they ever felt bullied while online, 20% answered positively. 28% met somebody face to face whom they knew only online and 46% were exposed to inappropriate content.

33% said that pornography helps in sexual education. Meanwhile, very few speak about sexuality with their parents. This is a cause of concern especially when Michael Flood, at the Australian Research Centre in 'Sex, Health and Society', wrote that “Pornography is a poor, and indeed dangerous, sex educator.” (quoted by Child Abuse Review Volume 18 (2009) in Wiley InterScience)

Half of the parents have imposed a maximum time limit on their computer use, but 25% never ask for any parental permission before using the Internet. According to the children, 86% of the parents do not know how to use a computer as they do.



As part of our recommendations we suggested the setting up of an Internet safety website in Albanian, a dedicated Helpline, parental meetings and the inclusion of Internet safety skills in text books.

With the implementation of the suggested recommendations, we hope that we would be in a better position to sensitize authorities, schools and parents to help children use the Internet in a safer and more profitable way.


Rainer Bezzina, B.Sc. I.T.(Hons), Univ. of Malta (2002)

Informatics Teacher & Systems Administrator, Preca College

Contact E-Mail: rainerbez[at]gmail[dot]com


Photos & Video of presentation

The following are some photos & a video of the

presentation of the survey results given to the general public on 27th October 2011 at Preca College