Why Preca ?


Fr. George Preca was the founder of the Society of Christian Doctrine, which runs Preca College. He was born in 1880 in Malta, ordained priest in 1906 and dedicated his whole life to befriend people with Jesus. After his death in 1962, he was canonized saint in 2007.

Father George founded this Society in Malta in 1907 with the aim to help the Catholic Church with catechesis. Its members are all lay – they all have a job according to their specialisation and study. But in the evening they dedicate their time for Catechesis.

In 1958 the Society started its formal pastoral activity outside the island of Malta and nowadays it has centres in Australia, London, Kenya, Peru and Albania. It will soon have centres in Poland and Cuba.

It was back in 1993 that the Society received an invitation to take care of this college, which it accepted with open hands. The Society continues to run the school sending members and also finding the necessary funds to keep the school up to standard.

Further information about the Society is available in the following website: