Admission to Preca College

Preca College accepts students without any distinction of sex, race, social background or religion. Students are accepted after taking part in an Entrance Examination in English and Mathematics.


Entrance Examination

Pupils who are in the final year of the nine-year schools are eligible to apply for the Entrance Examination. Applications are accepted at school during the first two weeks  3-14 of June from  12.00 am to 13.30 pm. Together with the application form, the following documents are needed:

- one passport size photo,

- birth certificate (photo included)

- the verification of the applicant’s current school affiliation.

- 500 lek payment for registration

  Entrance Examination is going to be on 26 June 2019

You can download, fill it and bring it to the school the  Application Form.

The papers are constructed and corrected in Malta. If students pass the examinations, the marks obtained by each student are added together to calculate the final mark. Applicants are ranked according to this final mark. The number of students accepted is decided by the Administration of the school.

The results are published around mid-July. Students that pass the Entrance Examination are to register as regular students in the first week of September. For registration the following documents are needed:

  • Nine-year school certificate (Dëftesa) copy joined by original showing the results

  • Vaccination card.

Past Papers


Math, English


Math, English


Maths, English


Maths, English


Maths(PDF), English (PDF)


Maths (PDF),  English (PDF)


Maths (PDF), English (PDF)


Maths (PDF), English (PDF)


Maths (PDF), English (PDF)


Maths (PDF), English (PDF)

2008 - Examination was not done (changed from 8yr to 9yr school)


Maths (PDF), English (PDF)


Maths (PDF), English (PDF)